Land of 10,000 Beers Candle

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If you live in Minnesota, chances are you live within walkable distance to at least one local brewery.  With so many locally beers being crafted each day, Minnesota needed a beer-scented candle!  The most commonly asked question on this one...does it really smell like beer?  and the answer is: yep!  Along with a few fruity and barley notes.  

We've partnered with Minnesota Smells to carry these awesome and fun 10 oz candles, and they're about as Minnesotan as you get!  Hand-poured right in Minnesota, they strive to capture all facets of Minnesota in scent-form, whether it's a delicious, "it smells so good, I wanna eat it"-type smell, or a smell that may bring back memories of Minnesota traditions and past-times, like the State Fair...or even road construction.