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What is a 'Mail-a-Minnesota'?

A Mail-a-Minnesota is an awesome way to send a little piece of Minnesota to a friend or loved one through the mail!  It is an 8" x 9" x 1/8" wooden cutout that is personalized, printed, and sent right in the mail, no box necessary!  It is sort of like a postcard, but bigger, wooden, and with a vibrant Minnesota image and personal message printed on the front!

**Note: If there are other items in your order, your Mail-a-Minnesota will ship in the same package.

**Please also note that, due to the postcard mailing method, the mail-a-Minnesota may get scratches or marks on it as it moves through the mail system, just like any postcard!

Personal Message: In your cart, there is a box at the bottom of the page titled "Special Instructions for Seller".  In this box, type the message that you would like printed on the front in the "Your Message Here" box, as seen in the picture. Be sure to sign your message if you want the recipient to know who's sending them a piece of Minnesota!

**Note: If you do not want a message, just leave the "Special Instructions for Seller" field blank, and only the design will be printed on the item.